Facebook’s Like Button does what the Share Button does, Duh!

Facebook has made a change to the way their Like button works. It now acts as a Share button. So, if you hit Like, which necessarily means you approve of the information shared by your friends or a particular site, Like will display a picture, a headline and a little blurb, along with the option to comment. This is exactly what the Share button does.

What will happen to the Share button?

There are several versions of what could happen to it. Official Facebook update was to continue to support the Share button. They say that strengthening the Like is just a pilot phase, and decision regarding what could be done post this phase is company secret as of now. If it’s a test phase, I wonder why it has been rolled out to everyone? Why not pick some, and do what they did for the new Facebook profile? Some questions are best answered when it comes from the horses’ mouth!

Here’s another version – Inside Facebook reports that the Share button has been removed from developers’ documentation. Developers always had the option of pushing content to Facebook as they wanted – a share button, a simple, comment-less like, and a recommend-with-comment option. The current change will enforce full details to be pushed to Facebook and not just pieces. Maybe it’s a good thing after all!

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