85% Employees (Under 25) in IT Organizations Use Gmail for Official Communication

This may come as a surprise for many employees, especially those working in IT. A survey conducted by e-mail management company Mimecast concludes that around 85% of the sample aged under 25 years used Gmail for their official communication.

The sample size chosen was fairly small at 2400. The biggest concern that the employees who fell within the 85% complained was the minute file attachment limit employed in IT organizations – especially when their jobs demand them to share data rapidly. It is a well known fact that many IT companies restrict users to much smaller attachment sizes compared to Gmail and other free email service providers.

Using personal emails is high risk for the company, and could end up with clients moving away as far as possible. Many multi-national corporations have enforced curfews using softwares such as websense which ensure that websites such as Gmail, Yahoo amongst others that are potentially unsafe, are on the ban list.

Mimecast’s chief scientist Nathaniel Borenstein has a sympathizing take on the situation – “The results show that workers frustrated with corporate restrictions are using personal email accounts in order to maintain productivity.”

Another interesting fact that was revealed in this survey was the use of file sharing websites such as Megaupload.

To me, it looks like the IT management isn’t supporting the needs of their employees effectively in order to be productive. I believe it is time to free up the space, and let all data flow within the office network. These things could have adverse effects if the company goes for an ISO27K1 certification.

A solution that one of my previous organizations implemented was a file sharing website such as Megaupload, but access controlled to company employees only. It worked pretty well, and it mainly prevented choking the email servers when large attachments have to be shared across a huge chunk.

Another simple solution would be to implement MS SharePoint, or any other similar portals. This would put the load on the file server, and not on the database. And, the load may not come up at the same instant as in a mail system.

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