Firefox 4 Beta 11 Bolstered with Do Not Track Feature

Firefox 4 is scheduled to be launched sometime in June-July this year. The beta versions are popping out every second day, and I have been lost on count, but I remember beta 11 for the feature that has hit the headlines of late.

The Do Not Track feature which was proposed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has taken shape in the latest version. FTC calls it Do Not Call list for online behavioral advertising. Enabling this options lets users opt-out of behavior tracking by advertisers through cookies and other browser-based methods.

Alex Fowler, the global privacy and public policy leader at Mozilla wrote – “When the feature is enabled and users turn it on, web sites will be told by Firefox that a user would like to opt out of OBA. We believe the header-based approach has the potential to be better for the web in the long run because it is a clearer and more universal opt-out mechanism than cookies or blacklists.”

Firefox employs the HTTP header method – the HTTP header in a web page has specific code that tells ad networks that a user wishes not to be tracked. Alternatively, Google Chrome leverages on a different method where cookies are employed to convey the same information. MS IE9 is working on creating a list for users to opt out from specific data tracking organizations.

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