Joliprint : Instant Web to PDF Conversion

It is rare that a web application can outperform a desktop application. I recently awed at a web application called Joliprint, which converts web pages to download-able PDF files. This is not the best part yet! The PDF file is printer friendly, and you can point Joliprint to any webpage (mainly articles) in the internet-dom, and this bad boy can wrap it nicely in a portable format.

Web publishers can effortlessly add the application onto their websites using their APIs. It is free for both commercial and non-commercial projects. WordPress users such as this website can leverage on a WordPress plugin to achieve conversion at a click of a mouse button. Similar plugin services are available for and blogger mediums as well.

For those who like this feature to hang with them through their browsing journey can opt for a browser add-on.

I ran Joliprint on this article, and this is how it looks.

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