Facebook is No.3; Overtakes Yahoo

Facebook had to wait for an eternity to pass Yahoo, and this eternity lasted eighteen long months. It is official, according to comScore, Facebook has overtaken Yahoo in terms of traffic. In November 2010, Yahoo scored 630 million and Facebook was slightly ahead at 633 million. The difference may not be huge, but the trend is worrisome for the search engine major. Facebook is on steady increase while the latter is flat as a carrom board ever since the acquisition talks began. Will Yahoo acquisition talks rekindle again?

Facebook now stands behind two giants, who are steadily on an ascent to Mt.Everest. Microsoft at No.2 and Google at the top spot are hard competitors, and unless something drastic happens, I don’t see them getting passed by Facebook. Think about it! The ranking is calculated on the total visitors on the domain, which contains different apps for google, and a whole lot of download sections, knowledge base and other sales material on the Microsoft website. Facebook on the other hand is a single tasker, and is looking at a cliff from down below. As I said earlier, I don’t think it can climb it, unless a landslide tears the majors apart. Microsoft is 869 million while Google is at 970 million, and may be the first to make it to the billion club.

Some more stats! Facebook accounts for a quarter of all the ads displayed in the US, and Yahoo is around 12%. Two months back, Facebook had passed Yahoo as the second largest video site in the US, no prizes for guessing the top spot, and in terms of sourcing traffic to video sites, Facebook is No.2 behind Google.

Here is an interesting piece of information. The traffic rankings provided above is global, but in the US, Facebook is No.4 while Yahoo holds the top spot. It’s difficult to imagine how Americans find it difficult to shift loyalties, and stick onto a traditional solution for searching the web, and still leverage on yahoo mail, while the whole world is going gaga over Gmail.