Facebook Email, the Gmail Killer?

Speculations are rife that Facebook is launching email service and will offer its 500 million base with a ready made solution. This new @facebook.com email is touted by experts as a gmail killer. Is it really?

Google is a leading email service provider, and is currently the most popular solution, even though its existence has been nascent, compared to the Hotmails and Yahoos. Yet, the strategy of pulling users towards a search engine, and pushing them towards other services such as email, maps, calendar amongst others has worked wonderfully well for it.

Facebook on the other hand, started as a social networking service, initially restricted to students in the US and later opening up to the common folks across the globe. It gained popularity on social networking alone, and spread exponentially on this single service.

The difference between the two is the reach. While Google not only offers web search, Facebook lives on social networking alone. An email associated with Google can give access to a number of services, and interlink the applications at the touch of a mouse click. Facebook is far beneath the reach and the dependence on day to day activities. Not almost!

Youngsters, rely plenty on Facebook rather than Google’s – let’s say Calendar or their documents repository. They might feel the adrenaline to move towards the new email service, but not people like me who uses at least eleven Google associated services. For me, somebody like Zoho has a better chance to taking away users from Google but not Facebook.

All those who felt Facebook is going to steal users are going to eat their words in days to come. The press conference scheduled this evening is when the (surprising) news is likely to be revealed. I will keep my eyes, ears and also my nose close to the proceedings.