Benefits of Agile Project Management

The way we manage projects has turned on its head. Earlier, we used to believe in the power of planning. More detailed the plans, better it is for the success of the project.

The concept of detailed planning has been thrown out of the window along with a number of traditional project management practices.

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Different Agile Methodologies

Don’t be fooled by Agile Project Management methodology. There is no definite shape or size to it. Within Agile, there are several methodologies and each methodology comes with its one set of practices and processes.

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What is Agile Project Management?

Managing projects is an art. It needs creativity, imagination and street smartness to be able to make projects move towards success.

The traditional project management, referred to as the waterfall model emphasizes on planning and bets all its dollars on it to be a success. This approach, time and again has failed to open doors towards successful delivery.

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