Agile Project Management

Different Agile Methodologies

Don’t be fooled by Agile Project Management methodology. There is no definite shape or size to it. Within Agile, there are several methodologies and each methodology comes with its one set of practices and processes.

The most popular Agile methodologies are:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scrumban
  • Lean
  • Extreme Programming
  • Crystal
  • Dynamic System Development Model
  • Feature Driven Development
  • Adaptive software development
  • Agile Unified Process
  • Disciplined agile delivery
  • RAD(Rapid Application Development)

From this list, the most popular one is Scrum which is used commonly across most software and non-software projects.

Kanban too, which finds its origin in Japan is hugely popular. It’s application has found notoriety not only in projects but even in other non-project management activities as well.

Scrum and Kanban are combined with their most popular features and Scrumban is formed.

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