Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators, popularly abbreviated as KPI is a key component to measure success in all fields. Simply put, they define the measure and the trends that make or break the output of a process or a project.

As the name states, they are performance indicators, they indicate whether the performance is on the expected lines or going down south.

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ITIL 2011 : Strategy Management for IT Services

One of the new processes that is formally added in ITIL 2011 is the Strategy Management for IT Services (SMITS). In effect, this process had always existed, but not compartmentalized as a full blown process.

As the process name indicates, it falls under Strategy Phase. The objective of this process is to define a direction for IT service management in order to ensure maximum value for the organization, and optimize the efforts and ensure buy in from sponsors.

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Different Roles in ITIL Service Desk Management

Theoretically, in ITIL, there are two roles in the service desk. The first one is for accountability – service desk manager and then the person responsible for carrying out activities – service desk agent. But, in reality, it is not possible to run service desk operations using the two roles. We need a hierarchy, a functional one rather than a hierarchical one.

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ITIL 2011 Changes

ITIL 2011 contains 5 phases – service strategy, service design, service transition, service support and continual service improvement. Twenty five processes make the new ITIL 2011 across the five phases. Below are the changes that are effected in ITIL 2011 from ITIL V3 which came out in 2007.

The changes are not major, but it is worth taking note of to be fully prepared for consultation queries and interviews.

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Introduction to Service Desk

I believe that if you get the service desk structure and implementation right, half your job is done. Service desk is the most important unit of any organization, and they make or break your business. So, beware, and take extra care on how the service desk is put in place.

Service desk topic is huge, and this post is just the beginning. I will briefly introduce the service desk function and state some of the functional characteristics.

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